6 Reasons Why You Should Start Training Kickboxing

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While there are way more than 6 reasons to start training Kickboxing, we’ve summarized the most important reasons for people who have never put on a pair of boxing gloves.  This is by no way and ends all list, as we feel we can go on for days talking about how addictive starting any martial art can be.  Here are our 6 best reasons:

1)Fitness: Everyone wants to be in great shape and feel good! Whether it’s just to tone up or completely change your lifestyle, training kickboxing will help you get there. A cardio kickboxing class will keep you going when you feel like stopping and help you reach all of your health and fitness goals.

 Training Kicboxing KOP

2)Self Defense: Training kickboxing will give you basic self-defense skills; you’ll have more confidence just carrying out daily activities. Not only will you have a higher level of cardiovascular fitness, but you will also be learning proper technique. Every movement is important, so learning good form is crucial to keeping yourself safe. Your instructors know this, and will assist you in learning these techniques.

3)Reduce Stress: Who doesn’t feel some relief when punching and kicking something? One of the main components of training kickboxing is hitting the bag in front of you! During this workout you’ll be releasing endorphins, hormones that have a feel-good effect lasting hours. This will not only lessen your feelings of pain, but it will also give you an incredible mood boost!

4)Enjoyable: Sure, spending all of this time working out doesn’t sound enticing, but once you try it you’ll be hooked! Between the positive atmosphere and all of the hardworking, friendly people around you, it’s hard to not be motivated. There is a ton of lively energy in all of our classes, especially after conquering a tough workout.

5)New/Adaptable: Doing the same workouts all of the time can make you feel stagnant. Switching up your routine and trying something new can help you feel great again! Following your instructors and doing new moves will keep you from getting bored or slacking. This high-energy workout will keep you going – especially when you feel like giving up.

6)Fit for Anyone: No, you don’t need a ton of experience to start training kickboxing. That’s exactly what your instructors are there for! These people have been training for quite some time, and are eager to get you to where you need to be. We always have new students starting their journeys, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed or nervous. Everyone starts somewhere and we know that, so why wouldn’t you give it a try?


Borgata Bursting with Balance BJJ Blackbelts

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BJJ Blackbelts

Bill Algeo and Tim Williams, both Balance BJJ Blackbelts, will be fighting this weekend in CFFC 63, at the Borgata Casino in A.C.  Some of Balance Studio’s top BJJ Blackbelts Ricardo Migliarese(Owner), Tim Carpenter, Marco Perazzo, Jimmy Morrison will be cornering these fighters to victory.  Even the crowd itself at the Borgata, will consist of plenty of BJJ Blackbelts from the world class academy in Fishtown, PA.

Bill Algeo (8-2) will be fighting in the co-main event against Jarred Gordon (11-1) in front of the sold out crowd in Atlantic City.  Bill is on a 2 fight winning streak, and will look to keep his momentum going against the talented Jared Gordon.  Gordon, who is fighting out of Renzo Gracie NY, is also on a 2 fight winning streak.  His only loss came by way of Jeff Lentz who just so happened to be Algeo’s last opponent, in which Algeo won a unanimous decision.  The transitive property doesn’t always work in Mixed Martial Arts unfortunately, and this should be an interesting fight for the 145lb CFFC belt.

Tim Williams, a TUF vet, was originally supposed to fight Eric Roncoroni but Eric had to pull out due to an injury.  Now the “South Jersey Strangler” (14-3) will be fighting UFC veteran Jay Silva (10-10-1) in a bout that will surely end with a finish.  Both men have been known to finish fights and have had fights under the watchful eye of UFC president Dana White, who coincidentally be watching all the fights cageside this weekend.  He will be filming his show, “Looking for a Fight” and looking to scout top level talent from the east coast.

Both Bill and Tim need a huge win to get noticed and will hopefully be signed to a contract by the end of the weekend.  Although tickets are sold out fans can still watch the event on gfl.tv and it will also be aired on CBS sports the following week.

KOP Muay Thai Coach Ready for Pro Debut

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 Kop muay thai

KOP Muay Thai Coach Lisa Edinger is making her pro debut as the first ever professional female Muay Thai fighter in Pennsylvania. She will be fighting another Pro with a 1-2 record and these fights are being held on Saturday January 28th at the Hamburg Field House.  Lisa had no idea this is where her martial arts career wouldve taken her when she started training in the cardio kickboxing classes 5 years ago at Nak Muay Gym.  Since then Lisa has graduated from student to KOP Muay Thai coach, where she teaches about 10 classes a week at Algeo MMA & Kickboxing.  

After taking the kickboxing class for a year she began her training in the muay thai program and progressed quickly, taking private lessons weekly with Coach Bill Algeo.  Kru Eric Karner asked her if she ever considered fighting, in which she quickly responded no but would love to test her ability. She packed her bags and went to the WKA tournament in Virginia in which she won her first fight with a knockout and lost in the semi-finals. Since then, Lisa has amounted to a record of 10-2 as an amateur fighter with 2 consecutive National belt titles in the WKAs.  KOP Muay Thai coach Lisa has also traveled to Thailand to train at the esteemed Sityodtong camp in Pattaya, Thailand.  She is a full time martial artist, with KOP Muay Thai and BJJ, as well as a student teacher during the day.

The doors to the Hamburg Field House open at 6 pm and we’re sure to hear a lot of supporters for the female bouts. The bell sounds at 7 and Lisa will be the 10th fight of the night.  Here is an interview Lisa did with the USKA fight promotion. Please come and support the local KOP Muay Thai!

Dan Inch Thai Boxing

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Dan inch Thai Boxing fight

Dan Inch Fights Thai Boxing this Saturday

Long time Thai Boxing student Dan Inch will be fighting this Saturday 1/21 in Pottstown PA, under the Full Metal Fight Promotions.  This Kickboxing event will be held at The Wyndcroft School (1395 Wilson st, Pottstown PA 19464), and will start at 7PM. Tickets can still be purchased through Dan or at the door if he runs out.

Long time student/coach Ray Chavez was supposed to fight on this card as well, but unfortunately, his opponent had cold feet last minute.  Luckily Coach Ray will be fighting for USKA in March and will look to improve to 2-0.  Full Metal Fight Promoter/Owner Jason Helfin is putting this fight card together and was also trying to match Julia Hopkins, an Algeo MMA student, with an opponent.  Unfortunately 2 women with more experience turned down the scrap with Julia, probably because they value their health and well-being, so she won’t be on this card.  Julia will look to make her Thai Boxing debut when she comes home from studying abroad in Europe.  We are all really excited to see her compete.

Coach Dan has been  a student in King of Prussia for the last 5 years.  Since then he has lost 85lbs and built a Muay Thai Boxing record of 2-0.  Both of his victories came by decision and were in the same weekend last May in New York.  Recently Dan has begun to coach more and more at Algeo MMA while training for a fight, working full-time and being a full time dad of 2 great kids.  He is a great role model and an excellent example of true hard work, respect, and humility.  “Sinchai”, has made incredible strides in his Muay Thai, whilst transitioning to an overall healthier lifestyle.  Come support Coach Dan this weekend!


Bully Prevention Seminar Kicks off Kids Martial Arts Classes!

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We had a great turnout on Sunday for our Bully Prevention Seminar, at about 18 kids in total.  The seminar was filled with games, prizes and effective/fun techniques.  Long time Algeo MMA students Kaitlin Campbell and Cole Falin put on a great demonstration of martial arts to start the seminar off.  Kaitlin ripped into pads with her Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Cole put on a great display of Muay Thai, Wrestling, and BJJ.  Cole was able to finish Coach Bill with an armbar that he learned from his BJJ classes.  This was a great kickoff to our Kids Martial Arts classes.

Here of some pictures of the event

CBS Sports Comes to Film Bill Algeo

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With anticipation for CFFC 63 when Bill, El Seňor Perfecto, Algeo steps back into the cage to claim his rightful possession of the 145 belt from Jared Gordon- Special guests from CBS Sports, Go Fight Live, and CFFC’s Burt Watson and Devon Mathiesen all paid a visit to Algeo MMA to grab a look at Bill’s preparation for the February 18th fight at the Borgata in Atlantic City.

There are still tickets available for this fight so be sure to get yours before they’re gone!


February 18, 2017

FREE Bully Prevention Seminar this Sunday

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Have your child or children kick off the New Year with confidence and a new skill set on January 8, 2017 at 12:00 pm. Algeo MMA and Kickboxing is offering a FREE Kids Bully Prevention seminar, for children ranging from 7-12 years old.  It is being held in the heart of King of Prussia, directly across from the King of Prussia Mall. Kids can enjoy a fun and safe atmosphere as they learn valuable techniques of how to handle confrontation.

The seminar will be taught by professional MMA/Muay Thai fighter Bill Algeo(who is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), with the support of highly trained assistants. Kids will learn how to defend themselves in the event of an unforeseen attack using various martial arts like Boxing, Wrestling, BJJ and Muay Thai.  Instruction will focus on using these skills while increasing each child’s confidence, respect, and accountability. There will be prizes, giveaways, games, and the opportunity to make new friends! Just call or text (484) 704-7259, or email algeomma@gmail.com to reserve your spot today!

Dan Tolbert Wins MMA Fight

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Dan Tolbert MMA Fight

The future looks bright for rising star Dan Tolbert, as the former college wrestling standout at Lock Haven University won his 3rd straight MMA fight via Unanimous Decision.  He took on a tough, game opponent in Andre Petroski, who was undefeated as well and had a huge crowd there cheering him on.  Tolbert, aka Chocolate man(a nickname he recently received while training Muay Thai in Thailand at the prestigious Sityodtong Gym), did not let the unwelcoming crowd steer him from his goal.  Dan looked calm, composed and like a seasoned fighter throughout the entire fight.

Round 1: Mostly a feeling out process in the first minute, with both guys trying to get their range down. Dan landed some nice leg kicks, and Andre did a nice job of controlling the cage. With 30 seconds left in the round Dan caught a kick and took him down with a impressive slam and then controlled on top as looked for a triangle set up.

Round 2: This round was all stand up with both guys having their moments.  At one point they both connected on each other and both guys smirked and touched gloves afterwards. Andre landed a heavy cross on Dan and then Dan returned with a cross to the body that looked painful. Close round but Tolbert landed a little bit more.

Round 3: Dan started the round of keeping his range well and a looking for some leg kicks. 40 seconds into the round Andre was relentless with a head on the inside single and eventually got the finish with a nice trip.  Dan looked a little winded being on his back, most likely an adrenalin dump, but was eventually able to get back up and start looking to strike.

Dan gets the nod, with all 3 judges scoring the bout 2 rounds to 1 for Chocolate man.

Other notable wins from the Cage Fury Fighting Championship 62:

Chris Daukus wins a decision over a tough opponent in an exhausting back and forth battle.  Both guys were attacking leg locks and Knee bars which is rare to see from heavyweights.

Young Joe Solecki improves to 2-0 after finishing his opponent with a rear naked choke in the first round in under 3 minutes. The young brown belt is making his way up the ranks fast.

Mike Pope, a former Algeo opponent, became the 155lb champion last night defeating Pittsburgh’s Mike Wilkins with an extremely tight guillotine choke. Pope ended up thanking Algeo for defeating him back in 2014, because it was the motivation he needed to get better.

Sean “Shorty Rock” Santella defeated a game opponent in Matt “SMG” Lazano to become the 125lb champion. Both guys had a ton of people there and it was an entertaining fight. Shorty Rock started to dominate and then secured a rear naked choke to get the Belt.


Wrestler Dan Tolbert Makes Weight for CFFC

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Dan Tolbert will be fighting at Cage Fury Fighting Championships tomorrow night.  Dan is already 2-0 and just weighed in at 184.7lbs at the official weigh-ins.  Dan has a fantastic wrestling pedigree, as well as excellent Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Dan is a former wrestler at Lock Haven University and has been training at Algeo MMA for 2.5 years.  Algeo MMA students will be there in full effect cheering him to victory as he goes up against a tough opponent Andre Petroski. Petroski, a former college wrestler himself, is also undefeated and will be the hardest challenge of Dan’s young career thus far.