4 Reasons to Train Martial Arts after 40

By October 13, 2017Algeo MMA Info

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I’m sure most of you have seen this viral video that has been surfacing of a young couple getting into a fight with an older man at an NFL game.  The young couple was unhappy about their team losing and were standing up for most of the game, blocking the older gentlemen’s view.  Once the guy said something to the couple, a heated argument blossomed into a physical altercation.  While altercations like this are typical at sporting events, we see the same situations happen on the road and/or at bars and restaurants.  They typically become instant trending videos.  While the best defense is to not put yourself in that situation, certain times it becomes unavoidable.  The following is a list of 4 reasons to train martial arts after 40.

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1) Self Defense

This is an obvious one but needs to be stated anyway. Like the above mentioned altercation, more and more videos like this are popping up.  Self defense is not only learning what to do in a fight, but also how to avoid it entirely.  This person had the right to voice his complaint to the young couple blocking his view, but once the situation escalated he didn’t have a clue as to how to resolve it.  Physical situations become a lot harder to avoid with alcohol and testosterone being added to the mix.  While this gentleman was able to call for security, he still got punched in the face and bloodied.

2) Confidence

Another gimme, but confidence goes hand in hand with training martial arts.  This very same confidence can get you out of a lot of altercations because bullies/tough guys typically prey on weaker targets.  This confidence you will exude will carry on to every aspect of your daily routine.  Whether at work or home, doing tasks with confidence is a whole lot easier than constantly second guessing yourself.  It will make you unafraid to try new things and meet new people.

train martial arts after 40

3) Happiness

This is a big one for most people at any age.  Depression is a real disease and it can affect every part of your life.  Buying a bigger car or house is cool but its in our DNA to always strive for more.  Happiness is in the struggle, its about constantly trying to improve ones self. Happiness is also about the relationships you form with the people around you.  Helping others and giving back to the community feels a lot better than constantly taking and being selfish.  Martial arts aren’t about becoming a bad ass, they’re about helping others in the form of your training partners and others in the community.

train martial arts after 40

4) Health

Most individuals after 40 these days rely on unhealthy ways to get them through the day and to fall asleep.  One of the best aspects of a good workout, is being so exhausted that you want to just hit the pillow after training.  Martial arts can lead a overall healthier lifestyle because your surrounded by others striving for health, and its contagious.  Its also in your best interest to not eat a cheese steak before training because you will undoubtedly throw up or feel sick.  Doing a boxing or kickboxing workout will take the bore out of the work out as well, and you’ll actually want to work out.

Once you start training martial arts you will realize all the countless benefits it comes with.  This could be a great way for you to reconnect with your entire family since most martial arts gyms have a kids program.  Even if its for the smallest reason, there is no bad time to start training martial arts!