Martial Arts are about sharing knowledge and giving back, and our team here does a great job teaching every single person that walks through the door.  We do not cater to any one person more than the other and we give each student our undivided attention regardless of skill set.  All of our top notch martial art instructors at Algeo MMA & Kickboxing were once brand new students themselves here, so they know how scary it can be trying something new.  They are extremely beginner conscious on how they teach and are always open to questions at any point with a smile on their face.  Shed fat and pack lean muscle while learning from extremely skilled, extremely friendly instructors.

Head Instructor Bill Algeo

Bill Algeo

Founder of Algeo MMA & Kickboxing.  Current UFC Fighter, Pro Muay Thai, Black Belt in BJJ, PSU Boxer. READ FULL BIO

Anthony Brown Kids BJJ instructo

Anthony Brown

Kids Martial Arts Instructor, Full time School Teacher, Blue belt in BJJ, Active Jiu Jitsu Competitor. READ FULL BIO

Coach Anthony Dill

Anthony Dill

Over 20 years of BJJ/Wrestling experience. Pro MMA competitor and boxer.

John Wunder

John Wunder

Top Muay Thai Instructor, Active Muay Thai Competitor, Black Pradjit, Husband of fellow Coach Denise Wunder(they met training here!).


Head Mascot, Bird Watcher, Enemy of Squirrels world wide, Fantastic with kids and adults, Loves anyone that pays her attention

Colin hartey

Colin Hartey

BJJ Purple belt, Active MMA and kickboxing competitor, specializing in helping beginners understand the fundamentals.

Ray Chavez

Raymundo Chavez

Fluent in Spanish and English, Active Muay Thai competitor, Blue belt in BJJ, Father, Pad/Mitt Expert

Denise Wunder Instructor

Denise Wunder

Coach Denise started off a student here in 2013, since then she has met her husband (fellow coach John Wunder), gotten in the best shape of her life, as well as competed in her first Kickboxing fight.

Julia Hopkins

Pro Kickboxer, Kickboxing/Muay Thai Instructor, Started training here when she was 16, Here is her Personal Website.

Joey Milano

PA state champ Wrestler, Undefeated MMA fighter, Blue belt in BJJ

Ashley Ramirez

Ashley Ramirez

Full Time Engineer, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Blue Belt BJJ and Active Competitor in BJJ/Muay Thai

Lateef Scott

Lateef Scott

Extremely Knowledgeable & Personable Thai Boxing Instructor, Active Competitor, WKA Champion

Noe Bello

Competitor, coaches Kickboxing/Muay Thai classes in an extremely friendly manner

Andrew Serpente

MMA/Kickboxing Competitor, Kids and Muay Thai Coach

Anna Palumbo

Anna Palumbo

Wrestler/Kickboxer. Specializes in helping children/women learn the fundamentals.

Chris Puzzi

Former College Kicker, Blue belt in BJJ and very versed in Muay Thai, wrestling and golf

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