A Brief Background-

Bill Algeo, a Delaware county native, started his martial arts career at the age of 14 when he decided to follow his brother into the wrestling room.  He started off with a less than stellar 0-14 record, but quickly realized the value of hard work. Four years later he went on to become All-State and captain of the wrestling team.

He took this same level of commitment to hard work when he started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at 18.  At 20 years old he was running a BJJ program at Penn State University where he was going to school full time for his B.A. in accounting.  While he was a full time student, he was also a member of the Penn State boxing team, and started his mixed martial arts career.  He went on to become an undefeated amateur(even broke his foot in a fight and still won), until turning pro in 2011.  He currently has a MMA record of 13-5 and is 2-0 pro Muay Thai as well.

Bill Algeo received his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on August 29 of 2015 and 5 years later to the day, made his long awaited UFC debut.

My Mission-

To spread all the knowledge I have acquired through Martial Arts, to as many people as possible.  Martial Arts, in particular Muay Thai, Boxing, and BJJ, have totally changed my life for the better.  I want people to be able to protect themselves, but more importantly I want people to better their daily lives through training.



Bill Algeo

Owner & Head Instructor of Algeo MMA & Kickboxing

UFC Featherweight Pro, Blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Collegiate Boxer(PSU), Professional Muay Thai Fighter,

All-State Wrestler, Black Pradjit, 

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Bill Algeo UFC
  • UFC Fight of the Night Bonus 2x Winner
  • Member of Penn State Boxing Team
  • Muay Thai Rank of Black Pradjiat
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt
  • Multiple Time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion
  • Rough zen $1000 submission only Champion
  • Professional MMA Fighter (Ranked #1 in PA & NJ)
  • Undefeated Professional Muay Thai Fighter
  • UFC Performance of the Night Recipient
  • Training partner to countless UFC stars (George St-Pierre, Lyoto Machida, Eddie Alvarez, Rory Mcdonald, and many more.)
  • Check out some of his fights HERE
  • Fought on ESPN, UFC Fightpass, Comcast, NBC & CBS SPORTS
  • Winner of CFFC Featherwieght Title
  • Trained in Thailand at Khai Muay Sityodtong
  • Multiple time ROC 145lb champ

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